Michael Jackson and I – My tribute to a singer the Press and Medias have demonised for too long – Part 2

Purity of Soul

During the March 3 protests over the BS of Leaving Neverland, the Michael Jackson estate offered the 1992 broadcast of his Bucharest concert. A show I never saw before. My first MJ concert. And from the first second, the songs and the choreography riveted me. From the Anti Gravity Lean and themes of Smooth Criminal, the powerful entry of Jam, the ballerina dance and lyrics of Heal The World, and Michael’s stunning exit for Man In The Mirror, I recognised in this man a musical genius as important as Mozart, Beethoven, and Wagner. And through every song, an exceptional pure soul, so different from other stage performers. As if the Michael Jackson we saw on stage was the same one in real life. Unafraid of exhibiting his feelings. A kindness, humanity, attention, and honesty that explains why so many people became fans of him and enjoy his music/humanitarian work. A man that united cultures of all nations, that tried to help others in need.

A purity beyond the diamond.

love for His fans

Before I continue, I want to pinpoint out that I am not blind/naive about how an artist’s stage personality can be different offstage. How some singers, actors, and authors can be charismatic in interviews and in their artworks, but shitty with fans. Indeed, people like Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, Jimmy Saville, Bruce Willis, Justin Bieber, Chevy Chase, Jennifer Lopez, Björk, and Tobey Maguire are such examples. And regarding the first three figures, their behaviours were as documented as Harvey Weinstein’s bullying. And with my Joan Crawford experience, I developed better skills to detect a good artist from a bad one.

But with Michael Jackson, I found detailed documentation (videos, web posts, audio dialogues) confirming that his fans interactions were as good-hearted and genuine as those on stage. Indeed, through various researches, I discovered accounts of Michael taking time to meet after the shows all the fans who had fainted during the concerts. Which is wonderful and unconventional among singers. Even better, the time he took to accommodate foreign fans who saw his 2001 concert and got stranded in New York after the September 11 incidents is also amazing. For most artists would simply mind their concerts and leave their fans to their own business. And that he did it without making any publicity to the medias is exceptional as many would have exploited that for publicity.

Among my favourite fan interactions is when his bodyguard brought to him a girl so moved to see him she burst into tears, and he took time hug her as she sobbed in his arms. He told her to relax, signed her History Album, spoke with her, and asked her if she was OK.

In sum, here was before me a man who took time to collect items fans gave him, listened to them, and cared about what they say. Questioning them about their lives. Caring about their reality. Yearning to discover the real world instead of bathing in the perpetual Hollywood culture he saw everyday. And that during his trial he berated police officers who attacked fans is a truth that the Press never wanted to present as they preferred portraying him, like a BBC reporter did down below, as a deluded man screaming at paparazzis. Here are the three clips down below.

Furthermore, unlike other singers like Björk who despise signing autographs, or interacting with fans when in public, and can be very rude/condescending with them, Michael not only was attentive with fans he met at his Invincible signing, he also met fans he befriended and invited later to his Neverland Ranch like Joanna Thomae. And that he had a love story with her is another way to debunk — just like his relationship with Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe — Robson, Safechuck and Reed’s accusations of Michael not being attracted to women. Even better, she recounted having met the Arvizos and confirmed how they were liars and crooks.

To conclude, Michael Jackson, like Osamu Tezuka and Lars von Trier, had an exceptional talent in interacting with fans of all generations, genders, and countries.

People interested to know more about Michael Jackson can read this web link that presents infos about the singer and his fans interactions. In many accounts, he was so gracious that he welcomed them into his house and Neverland Ranch. Something exceptional as other artists would have cast them out. And that he continued his Munich 1999 Earth Song performance even though he hurt his back and didn’t want to disappoint the fans (something his dad always taught him) is another example of his respect for the public.


There are also other accounts of friendships people and families have had with Michael. And two of them, posted down below, recount how he was nice, but also the malevolence of so many people Michael had befriended and who took advantage of his kindness.

And for those who’d want to read about Michael Jackson’s psychology, here is a great Medium analysis which Dr. Yomna Sameer, a Dubai psychologist, did on the singer. A Paper that Roslyn Witz Cohen applauded Ms. Sameer for writing; recognising in it his qualities and flaws.

His Work And Humanity Ethic

Another proof of Michael’s kindness toward others is reflected through his colleagues’ testimonials. For during my researches, I discovered the MJCast, a superb podcast with infos about the singer and his life/work. Including unique dialogues with his colleagues, bodyguards and relatives. Detailing truths about the singer not a single newspaper would print.

For all these work comrades — Rob Hoffman, Michael Prince, CJ DeVillar, Syl Mortilla, Kerry Anderson, Vincent Paterson, Tommy Organ, Brad Sundberg, and Diana Walczak — describe Michael the same way. As an amazing human being. Professional, respectful of others, exigent with himself, attentive to his fans, cooperative with colleagues, open to their ideas, and not a despot; unlike other musicians who think they should control everything or cultivate chaos in their creative process. Moreover, his make up artist Karen Faye has a Twitter account and presents moments and infos about the real man. About his work ethic, but also how certain parents who visited Neverland exploited Michael. And regarding his music executives, even assaulting him during his Dangerous Tour. In sum, every colleague who worked with Michael saw in him an adorable human being, but someone others exploited to his detriment. Vulnerable to parasites.

Here are links to Karen Faye’s Twitter page. But also to some The MjCast episodes talking about Michael’s work ethics. Though you can also listen to it on ITunes.



Same praises also come for his humanitarian work, where he helped many people, but also befriended them. Such as Bela Farkas, whom Michael saved his life by finding the proper liver for his operation, and paid all his remaining medical treatments. From that encounter, the two of them developed a father-son relationship that lasted till Michael’s death.

And unlike big artists who used their philanthropic charities and causes to feed their image, Michael’s interests were genuine. Indeed, all the Dangerous Tour profits went to numerous charities. Even better, his purchase of the Sony music catalogue to fund a charity program for students who’d get school education touched Yoko Ono, who felt it was a blessing in disguise. Even better, many donations and money contributions were done anonymously, without publicity. Which is not what many pop stars would do as they’d prefer the opposite to satisfy their narcissism.

However my favourite Michael Jackson moment was, when in a South Africa Hospital, he ignored doctors orders and visited a child left in the quarantine room. Before an astonished crowd looking through the glass window, he befriended and interacted with the patient. Which amazed his entourage and the hospital employees. Just like he met other burned victims when he was treated for his burned scalp due to the Pepsi filming incident. A man who took time to meet people in need, those that were hurt by life’s realities.

Michael Jackson’s Private Life

Now many have perplexed ideas over the singer’s lifestyle. Finding him weird to own an attraction park in his Ranch, of inviting there kids, or of having suddenly a whiter skin. Latter aspect which some racist jerks had the gall of saying that he was ashamed of being black and wanted to be white. A harmful and insulting rumour as he suffered vitiligo, an illness that hurt his skin pigmentation, forcing him to protect himself from the sun’s rays. And although he reported his disease in the press and in public, people called him a liar; a denier. Even though his autopsy confirmed his vitiligo; and that reporters refuse to reveal this truth is revolting.

For those who find it weird a man would have plastic surgery several times during the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, well what about people who change their hair/nail colors frequently, pierce their ears/noses/genitals, circumcise their penises for religious or cultural reasons, enlarge their genitals, shave all their body hair (chest, legs, buttocks, etc.), bodybuild themselves to the point of using steroids, indulge themselves into extreme diets, or wear heavy/eccentric make up or fashion clothing? Shouldn’t we consider all these people and their habits as weird as plastic surgery, especially when so many Hollywood folks indulge themselves in facial reconstruction; even freeze their muscles with Botox? Shouldn’t those who mock Michael Jackson take a look at themselves before spreading hypocritical judgements? Let those who want to have their plastic surgery have their surgeries or eccentricities that do not hurt anybody and piss off with the phony opinions.

As for Michael’s attraction park in Neverland, not many know that his Ranch was a charity cause. A chance for kids from poor neighbourhoods or with serious diseases to enjoy a day of fun attractions, watching movies, and meeting zoo animals. To enjoy luxuries they couldn’t obtain home. So it wasn’t like he built those items to just relive his lost childhood, he had these things for a purpose. To help others in need.

And for those who find the man childish and weird for holding kid games in Neverland, I think the way he helped others with his Attractions and his activities with children/adults he befriended (Macaulay Culkin, Brett Barnes, Kit Culkin, Elizabeth Taylor, and Gregory Peck) a billion times saner and mature than the infantility of other artists. Hollywood musicians/actors/directors who courtship each other’s friendships, back stab others out of opportunism, indulge themselves in stupid parties with individuals as phony as them, waste their moneys on drugs, strippers, and whores, or enter dangerous cult rings like Scientology. In sum, activities that confirm Hollywood’s heartlessness whereas for Neverland, I find Michael’s world more earth-grounded. Making me wish I was at that ranch having Super Soaker games and Easter Eggs Hunts with Michael.

Now regarding the way he raised his kids, many interrogations occurred due to Martin Bashir’s trash which showed Michael holding “firmly” his child from a hotel balcony to present him to his fans. For two seconds, but the way the news presented it, they slowed it down as if he was holding him longer. Looking back, Michael would say that his move wasn’t clever as it brought bad press. And I do agree. It was foolish as the Press would use anything to attack him. But when you have also Elizabeth Taylor denouncing to Larry King the inaccurate reporting of the incident, it is evident the press manipulated this event.

Finally, for those who find it weird that Michael and his kids would wear a mask, well when you consider his popularity and the obsessive paparazzis stalking his life out of greed for his image value, I understand this as an intent to reduce his image value to the press. Just like Marilyn manson wrote “FUCK” on his forehead to destroy the shots of paparazzis. Also, Michael’s idea of sometimes dressing up in costumes was, I think, his attempt to ridicule photographers and give them the opposite of their desire. It’s a move that maybe exasperated certain people and fans, but which I understand. His way to try to protect himself from parasites who hurt lives with their photos.

As for how Michael raised his kids, I know the South Park episode The Jeffersons depicted the singer as a kind, but clumsy parent. But as I said it before, their representation of Michael was always more respectful than other shows. And again, South Park is more of a celebrity culture satire instead of a realistic depiction of life. And there is no doubt that their view of him as a parent was influenced by Martin Bashir’s rag. For had they known the Michael Jackson father figure people like Ron Magill met, Trey Parker and Matt Stone would speak of him in a more accurate way.

Furthermore, during The MjCast interviews with the bodyguard Kerry Anderson and the sound engineer Michael Prince, those two described the singer as a father quite present with his kids. Who raised them with love, but did not spoiled them like other Hollywood figures did with theirs. Making Michael Jackson a healthier father figure than other sanctimonious Hollywood stars who paint their families as perfect, but cover up their kids’ shittiness.

Finally, for those who want to know how his kids have evolved, you can see on YouTube their Film Family channel. Where his sons Prince Michael Jackson, Bigi Jackson, and his nephew Taj Jackson present movie reviews. Talking in clever and mature dialogues.

Ignorants and Deniers

As for Michael’s detractors, both over his music work and the allegations he has endured, I find their attacks outrageous. Indeed, many of them accuse him guilty even though they know nothing about his life. Deliberately or not.

As Charles Thomson reported to The MJCast, but in his Huffington Post article about the 2005 trial, the medias had an agenda to see Michael arrested and cuffed in jail. Indeed, one reporter waiting in line for her media pass to enter the court room screamed aloud that Michael was guilty and that they should just finish the trial right now. At another moment, reporters were in the Santa Barbara County jail, filming a cell where they said Michael would spend the rest of his life, considering him already guilty. Meanwhile, the reporter Linda Deutsch, who reported court events for 50 years, was the first to denounce how her colleagues gave inaccurate reports of the court proceedings and deliberate slanders. In her papers and interviews, she denounced those fraudulent journalists as school bullies who were demonising an innocent man. For Aphrodite Jones, who changed camp after the trial and tried to write a book defending Michael, she had trouble finding a publisher for that release. Making her realise how the American medias do have an agenda against the singer. And as Scott Chandler and Tom Mesereau reported to The MjCast about the press’s disappointment over Michael’s innocence, some reporters dared to think that Michael Jackson would pull a Moonwalk before them to show off his not guilty verdict. As if that was the first thing on his mind. As if he wouldn’t want to reunite with his children; whom he was worried about what would happen to them if he were jailed.

But even more shocking was how after Michael’s innocence was proven in 2005, some movie and music artists dared to attack him, especially following the Leaving Neverland rag piece; declaring him guilty without doing their research. Among them Hollywood figures linked to Harvey Weinstein’s history (ex: Oprah Winfrey), but also MeToo activists, which doesn’t surprise me because that is how they behave. Accusing and declaring everybody guilty through their social media trials; although when it is a woman, they claim we should wait for due process. In sum, attacks from film figures who should take a look at themselves for some do not have honorable histories in their professional careers and public interactions; nor in their family lives as some of their relatives have had controversial incidents.

I also remember seeing among these attackers a British musician who claimed he had met Michael and knew him better than the fans, and that in his eyes, the man was guilty. An attack that angered me so much I wish someone could have told him how one of his most popular compositions — the main song of a popular animated film — was despised by the original novel’s author; a truth the British writer admitted in a book signature to a fan. A revelation that would have shut the trap of that foolish composer nobody knows.

At another instance, there was an actor involved in a popular TV show asking his followers if it was worth watching Leaving Neverland‘s second part; and the large majority of voters and replies told him to ignore that rag and to do his research, including Taj Jackson who told him he was a fan of his series. Now as to whether or not that actor refused to watch the second part, I do not know. If he hasn’t, good for him. If he has and he believes those crooks, then I refuse to watch any of his series, just like I refuse to watch any productions involving the Hollywood people attacking Michael Jackson’s name. Especially artists who formerly followed me on my social media accounts and have attacked my defence of the singer for yes, some actors — all unknown/mediocre figures — have attacked me for stating my position over the singer.

1- An actress involved in a cancelled production of How To Kill A MockingBird, which is a play about a Black Man wrongfully accused and whom a lawyer tries to prove the innocence. Which is a little bit what Michael Jackson has gone through as well; being wrongfully accused of something he didn’t do. So seeing this woman falling into such mob trial shows she didn’t learn the play’s morale and what it was trying to denounce. Witch hunts based on racial prejudices that have invaded the American culture for too long.

2- An unknown actor-singer who follows Dan Reed on Twitter stated to me and another fan that he had enough of hearing about Michael Jackson. Therefore, I blocked him. And considering that this hypocrite got his biggest role through Bohemian Rhapsody, a film he over-promoted on his page and which we all know Bryan Singer directed, I find him the last person to preach about boycotting controversial artists.

3- Though that British actor didn’t follow me on Twitter, nor did I ever followed him, I had seen one of his performances on a NTLive show and I had heard that he also worked on Game of Thrones. Which I found out the second I saw him attack Prince Jackson’s name; accusing the young man of not being Michael’s son. A horrible attack on Michael’s fatherhood that disgusted many online. And I am glad that fans were quick to criticise and denounce the man’s cowardish attacks, saying that his only biggest role ever would be his small appearance on Game of Thrones.

Soldiers of Love

Speaking of Michael Jackson fans, what an incredible army of soldiers. Of Justice. And Love.

Through my researches, I didn’t see a cult of hysterics. Instead, I saw smart activists ready to confront those who accuse the singer. Thoughtful individuals who back up their statements and facts with reliable documentation. Court transcriptions, interviews, images, comparative analyses, audio recordings, and videos that prove the singer’s innocence while exposing the accusers’ agendas/forgeries/creepy histories. Stuff that several MeToo partisans do not do as they use their Hollywood career name and activism as reliability proofs. Though many of them strangely fall silent when fans expose their ignorance through accurate facts and documentation. Reacting instead by either deleting their tweets as they expose their absence of research and ignorance, or by reporting Michael’s fans as haters and trollers. Which presents them as immature grown ups stuck in a dialogue with a mature and intelligent persons. And for those who moaned, like a certain snake, that haters are trolling them, well no they are not. They are instead being properly educated about who Michael really is and taught about how they should defend their positions if they want to speak about him. By backing up their claims with court documents. Not inaccurate press articles and a lousy film documentary already debunked countless times.

With their information share, the Michael Jackson activists are also telling the MeToo individuals that by spreading ignorant facts about the singer, they are encouraging trollers and bullies to harass good-hearted fans who only want to enjoy their music in peace and participate in Michael’s causes. For it is evident many fans have been victims of bullying. At school, or work, or in their family circle. Which I endured as well as a fan of Osamu Tezuka’s mangas/animes and one relative despised his stuff so much that this person and I got into numerous clashes; even though I was five years old. And only after presenting the humanism and international relevance that Tezuka had that this person and its cohort who thought the same realised they knew nothing about him and that they should shut the fuck up.

So to all those who deride Michael Jackson fans as weirdoes and fanatics, see them instead as people who have endured the same bullying Michael Jackson suffered. As activists who are ready to brave the storms he and his family have gone through. Even if it means getting outcast or classified as weird by a portion of society and the medias. Those fans are crusaders of justice. Those fans are noble. And they are not afraid to expose trolls like Jimmy Kimmel who employed a no-talent actor outside the Santa Barbara court room to behave like an over-the-top fan so cameras would focus on him and portray Michael Jackson fans as imbecilic.

The Accusers

Though Michael Jackson experienced tabloid attacks following Thriller‘s recognition as the biggest music best-seller ever, his reputation was still unbeatable. He had a movie called Moonwalker, a guest appearance on The Simpsons, and an international live broadcast of his Bucharest show during his Dangerous Tour.

He was Invincible.

Until the Chandler allegations in 1993.

Now recounting the whole case would be too lengthy for this post and there are individuals who gave better recounts of what happened. Among them the reporter Charles Thomson who gave for the MJCast and Pirates in Neverland shows a detailed recapitulation. About how Evan Chandler, a failed musician-struggling screenwriter-and-currently-dentist, tried to frequent Michael through his son Jordan Chandler, a fan of the singer. How after realising that Evan was a sinister creep who wanted to exploit him to build his movie career, among them his project Robin Hood In Thights which Mel Brooks would film, Michael cut bridges with the Chandler family. Which angered the screenwriter who pulled a money threat that unless Michael collaborated with him and gave a certain amount of money, he would accuse him of being a child molester. Which is what happened when Michael refused this blackmail. While on Jordan Chandler’s side, the kid persisted that Michael did not hurt him, stating this to many people when and after he legally emancipated himself from his parents. How the genitals description the District Attorney Tom Sneddon was given did not correspond to the body search. How the insurance company, to preserve the singer’s ongoing Dangerous Tour, decided to pay off Chandler, which angered Michael who, due to that decision, would have to endure attacks from others who felt this payment was a proof of his guilt. Which isn’t the case when you do a simple research on that matter.

Indeed, when you do a simple research on Evan Chandler and his family, you realise how much of a crook he is, how he was a failed artist who, in the 1960s, was part of a music group that never succeeded. Even a dangerous individual as he assaulted Ms. Ager, one of his clients in the 1990s, after drugging her. How the actress Carrie Fisher described Evan as a weird character who could feed hallucinatory drugs to his Hollywood patients for their personal leisure. How Jordan quickly asked for legal emancipation from his parents because he never forgave them for the way his dad attacked Michael. How after Jordan attempted a reunion with his father a decade later, Evan Chandler tried to murder him. The same father figure who, THE SECOND he got his money from MJ’s insurance company, STOPPED COLLABORATING WITH THE POLICE AND TOM SNEDDON; shut down his dental business, and lived off that money grab for the rest of his life. Another proof how Evan’s only interest was to make money out of Jackson’s back. And that he passed away in a suicide occurring months after Michael’s death makes me think that he did this out of guilt for destroying Michael’s life and for damning the entire Chandler name. Here is down below a phone recording of Evan Chandler telling his ex-wife’s husband about his attempt to destroy Michael’s name with his lie.

Another detrimental situation was when Victor Guttierez, a Chilean Tabloid reporter and member of NAMBLA (a pro pedo organization), wrote a book about Michael, claiming evidence that the singer was a pedophile, and befriended Jackson’s former maid Blanca Francia, who also spewed out horrible accusations about Michael Jackson. And although a lawsuit from the singer confirmed the book was a monstrous lie and that the reporter had to pay millions of dollars for his slander — which he never did since he fled to Chile and never came back to the US — people still ignore that civil lawsuit’s verdict. Still using that woman’s slanders and Victor’s book to back up their attacks on Michael, for instance in the Leaving Neverland case. Which many people who have seen the documentary say the accusers and Reed copy-pasted it for their agenda.

For those who might still believe Gutierrez’s attacks and book, here is down below the revelations of Maria M. Barraza C., a Chilean reporter and colleague of Gutierrez who spoke on Twitter about what the man admitted to her.

About the Arvizos, unbelievable how the same situation with Chandler happened as well. How the family of Gavin, a child afflicted with Cancer, tried to call in various celebrities to extort them; from Chris Tucker to Jay Leno and Michael Jackson. Asking so much exaggerated demands it bothered Tucker who advised Michael to not hang around that family of bandits. And just as in the other Chandler case, the mother, Janet Arvizo, accused Michael of child molestation. Asking again for money.

And when the criminal court happened, their entire bullshit was revealed. How the mother was a crazy loon and a pathological liar whose rants just revealed her delusions, whereas her son Gavin Arvizo revealed himself on court stand as a rude spoiled rotten brat who admitted aloud that he hated Michael because he was angry that the singer had stopped calling him and that he liked being around him, considered Michael a great friend. And when the ex-husband exposed his wife as a crook, while people from JC Penney revealed that Janet had tried to blackmail their company with false assault accusations, it was irrefutable that this whole trial was a witch hunt on the singer, even more so when Tom Sneddon was caught trying to bring up false proofs to the courtroom, for which he got in trouble. Which the reporter William Wagener spoke of and felt the prosecutor should be in jail for his crimes. As his work not only damaged a singer, but also the entire Santa Barbara region as many tourists and Michael Jackson fans consider the place evil and vile. I also remember a citizen saying online that the majority of that county were disgusted by Sneddon and felt he should have never been elected as DA; adding that what he did to Michael was an insult to justice and to their community who was more intelligent than him.

Just with the not-guilty verdict, the disappointed looks the reporters had that the man they had demonised was always innocent shows how they wanted Michael Jackson to be guilty. How they wanted him to be in jail. And hearing what Linda Deutsch said down below about her colleagues’ lack of ethic proves how the press refuses to listen to the voice of due process. Feeding to a gullible public their own court of justices and verdicts for cash purposes.

Leaving Neverland

Now with the documentary Leaving Neverland, the press and people who had a tooth against Michael for not getting their 2005 guilty verdict, rejoined together to attack him. Among them Oprah Winfrey, who did an interview with Wade Robson and James Safechuck. And of course MeToo Activists. All of them declaring guilty verdicts through their trials by media/social medias. Never backing up any of their evidences with reliable sources. Many chanting again the “Always Believe the victims” mantra. While others asked for muting the singer. Which some Canadian, American, and British stations did as they stopped broadcasting the singer’s songs. In my case, I decided to visit the Montreal Musee Grevin, a wax museum I never visited before; which was supposed to hold a Michael Jackson statue. Whom I wanted to be sure was still in place. Sadly, my suspicions were correct for the item had been taken out due to the HBO program. So that night, I wrote the following complaint letter to the Museum through Social Medias.

Now whether or not they will bring that statue back, I have no idea for they never replied. Either way, as I said to other fans who put likes and praised my complaint, I decided this first visit was my last. For many reasons.

One that the institution was not a wax museum, but a Celebrity Trend gallery that is very difficult to walk through as so many statues surround us and you are never to sure whether or not you won’t trip on them and hurt yourself.

Two, that this Musee Grevin is not a real wax museum. To me, a true museum should offer instead various topics of exhibitions and not be a gallery of celebrities rendered through cheap-ass human-sized Barbie Dolls covered in Wax that did not convince me.

Three, for the museum’s mediocre complacency; especially where I only saw five or six visitors inside. Not the kind of attendance a grand museum should have.

Four, for the hypocrisy this Museum had of presenting statues of various figures (political, historical, cultural, sports) who have had controversies in their lives; whether they are cultural genocides, creation of mass destruction weapons, human rights abuse, domestic abuse, assault, sexual allegations, perjury and many other crimes. All of them still intact, never pulled out.

Finally, the complacent/haughty boredom of its personnel, especially the two employees at the end of the exhibition. One of them (the man I talked to) tired that people keep asking him questions about the statue. The other (talking with another patron about the Jackson statue removal) behaving with such a haughtiness you didn’t want to ask questions to her. Furthermore, seeing the other patron resign himself, saying that this removal was “not at all dramatic” was another reason I felt I had to write this complaint letter. Both for Michael Jackson’s name, but also in defence of all the people who have been wrongfully accused in their lives and have had their careers and family lives affected due to the witch hunts they endured. Because I knew that if I didn’t write that letter denouncing that censorship, then the other patron wouldn’t.

Fortunately however, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts took time to defend and honour the singer’s name. Among them, a Museum Guide who, while educating a group of children about the Cubists, made parallels between Picasso and Michael Jackson. Saying that Michael, like Picasso, was a musical genius who wanted to sing his voice his own way, be different from his formulaic competitors. An educational move from that guide which pleased the school teacher and fascinated the students. For here was a fan of Michael who wanted to give the man a voice in this current frenzy. Just like others worldwide held public dances and performances of Michael’s songs.

Worldwide, others protested against the boycott of Michael. Disco bars playing his tunes, radio channels doing special tributes, public dance performances of Thriller by the thousand of people Starbucks coffee shops eventually deciding to play his music, which displeased Sarah Silverman and Matt Lucas, who expressed their discontent with black face jokes. Racist attacks that anger me. Media Whorishness that confirms the mediocrity of those comedians I have always despised. Especially Silverman whose crass I find no better than Amy Schumer’s.

And while others were ready to attack the singer, many have stood up in his name. For instance Jack Black, who did with his Tenacious D group a great performance of Michael’s songs.

And among another tweet I loved as well, was Lori Petty, the actress on Free Willy, who defended Michael and educated her followers about Leaving Neverland and its BS.

In sum, while some attempts to boycott the singer have happened, the larger majority of the planet has refused to attack Michael’s name, keep broadcasting his art, and are not afraid to defend him.

(To Be Continued in Part 3)

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