Michael Jackson and I – My tribute to a singer the Press and Medias have demonised for too long – Part 3

40 Reasons Why I Knew Leaving Neverland Was BS

Since Leaving Neverland‘s broadcast at Sundance, then HBO, new infos appear everyday. Regarding Wade Robson, James Safechuck, and Dan Reed’s claims, but also their lies. Distorted recapitulations, manipulative shenanigans, and omitted truths; frauds which fans and Jackson relatives exposed day after day. Backing up their revelations with proofs. Which forced the director to remove an hour of footage confirmed as Bullshit. So other countries received truncated versions of the film. And if the documentary did some noise, at least audiences weren’t stupid. Indeed, viewer ratings in each country were mediocre (in many, less than a million people), some nations/channels refused to broadcast it (ex: Russia, South Korea), and many viewers stopped viewing the film during/after its first part; finding the film boring and denouncing the Robsons, Safechucks, and Dan Reed as bad actors with creepy behaviours.

Even better, some Michael Jackson detractors who watched the film started to doubt that the singer was ever guilty; feeling that the accusers were liars as the film was one-sided and manipulative in its imagery, editing, and sound work. Like those you see on sleazy scandal talk shows/press/news. Therefore, those viewers started doing various researches on the Web and found proofs that confirmed them once and for all of Michael Jackson’s innocence. That he was a victim of slander/witch hunt.

Among these new defenders were even reporters and YouTube channel hosts who were not fans of the singer. People who felt that the more they researched about Michael and his history with fans, the public, and his colleagues, the more they realised he was innocent. Whereas for all the accusers, they only found enormous proofs confirming their exploitative and malevolent greed. Furthermore, these defenders denounced the documentary as a one-sided expose that did not give the Jackson family or other people mentioned a chance to reply. For instance Brett Barnes and Macaulay Culkin who were presented as other victims of Michael Jackson; when these two have always defended that man whom they consider their best friend. Therefore, Brett Barnes denounced Leaving Neverland as lies and complained through his lawyers that unless HBO and Dan Reed retracted themselves, he would sue them. An inevitable reality since those two have refused to change their stances; proving their indifference to the truth and just want to manipulate audiences with another bashing piece on the singer.

And as the weeks went on, social medias have exposed further lies within the documentary, alongside revelations about the accusers, displays of the director’s troubling behaviours, and a major revelation that shatters Safechuck’s allegations.

Here are the 40 most important infos that expose how Leaving Neverland and the three bandits behind it are bullshit.

1. In Leaving Neverland, Wade claims Michael was a misogynist who encouraged Wade to despise women and to never have any relationship with them. While omitting in that film and his Oprah interview how Michael encouraged his niece Brandi Jackson to be Wade’s girlfriend after he revealed to the singer that he had a crush on her. Omitting his numerous affairs with the wives of notable Hollywood friends, such as Prince’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia and Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend, the singer Britney Spears. Latter whom tweeted her defence of Michael on Twitter weeks after the HBO rag aired.

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Me and Michael

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2. Though he claims to be a Michael Jackson victim who wants to help other survivors of abuse, Wade Robson has accumulated through the entire dancing industry and over the years a creepy reputation. As a sexual pervert everyone named “Uncle Pervy” with disturbing behaviours toward minors and women; as a pathological liar who kept lying about his auditions since he was a kid; and as a homophobic/misogynist who demeans others. How come the MeToo activists who attack Michael don’t confront Wade over his behaviour? Why do the medias and these people ignore this truth everyone in the dance business knows?

3. As a professional dancer, Wade claims that the traumatic abuse he endured has rendered him incapable of gaining other work opportunities in Hollywood; incapable of dancing to Michael Jackson’s music, saying the melodies remind him of the abuse. Well, if that were so, why is he is still offering expensive dance classes around the world? Why is he still dancing to Michael Jackson’s music and videos in shows and his classes? Why did he beg the Cirque du Soleil for a job as chief choreographer in their Michael Jackson One show in Las Vegas? Refusal where he only then started attacking Michael’s name. Shouldn’t his lost Hollywood opportunities have something to do with his unprofessional attitude mentioned earlier; alongside lack of ethics and respect from his friends and employers? Such as his man-whoring with some of their girlfriends and wives (ex: Justin Timberlake’s Britney Spears, Prince’s first wife Maytee)? A fact many people denounced, such as Justin Timberlake in his song Cry A River, and the late music executive Clyde Jenkins in a Facebook post.

4. Through the Leaving Neverland debate, many have noted it weird that the medias have ignored the Harvey Weinstein’s documentary Untouchable, shown at Sundance 2019 like Leaving Neverland. Just like they have barely mentioned Weinstein’s trials, favouring instead their witch hunt on Michael Jackson. Also, fans have noticed how many people who defended and promoted the documentary were involved in Harvey Weinstein’s circle (ex: HBO executives, Oprah Winfrey, etc.)

5. In a Pure One-Sided strategy, many news outlets refused to give Brandi Jackson and Taj Jackson the chance to defend their uncle. Indeed, Brandi and Taj received last minute cancellations for their interviews, forcing them to speak on unconventional medias, podcasts, and YouTube Channels. For some fans and impersonators who defended the singer, some were ordered to behave outlandishly on camera (which they refused) or had their words silenced abruptly. Why this refusal to let the fans and family speak properly? Why this idea that if impersonators or fans are interviewed, their words have to be censored or ridiculed?

6. In the documentary and in Court, James Safechuck accuses Michael Jackson of assaulting him frequently from 1988 to 1992 in Neverland’s Train Station. However, after massive research in the Train’s Construction permits, checking video interviews, and chatting with Allan Scalan, who managed the train station, fans and the biographer Mike Smallcombe revealed that the station only started being built in September 1993 and got completed in 1994. A revelation that completely shatters Safechuck’s testimonial. Even forcing the director Dan Reed to admit that Safechuck had lied and to edit out that allegation from his HBO documentary.

7. For a mother so affected and upset about the traumas of her son Wade Robson, why did Joy Robson kept putting likes to Social Media posts that praised Michael Jackson’s humanity and kindness. Likes she started deleting only after she was exposed in the last few months.

8. During her membership in the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Project — which she continued in 2013 even after her son told his allegations, was suing the Estate for money, and had done his Matt Lauer interview — Joy claimed to have been the love of Michael and his close friend. Even telling Brandi Jackson in 2009 that she should be raising Michael’s kids as she claimed to be a better parent for them. In sum, an obsessive love for the singer that Taj Jackson recounted also in his interviews and found absurd and impossible since Michael never expressed such feelings for her.

9. In the documentary, Joy Robson and Stephanie Safechuck were laughing their heads off while recounting the abuses their sons went through. And so were Wade and James.

Since when do mothers laugh at such horrible ordeals their children claim to have gone through? Since when do victims of abuse smile and laugh while recounting their abuse? Shouldn’t they be in tears or angry just like the Canadian singer Nathalie Simard was when she recounted in 2005 the abuse the producer Guy Cloutier did to her for years?

10. When confronted on UK television by Piers Morgan and on French TV by experts such as Hector Barjot, Dan Reed became nervous and uncomfortable as these people exposed many of his lies, his lack of evidence, and presented facts about Michael he knew nothing. Proving his ignorance regarding the singer’s life as he admitted that he did not do any lengthy research about the singer. Which doesn’t make sense since as a documentary director, he should have done proper research on the topic.

11. Alongside his Train Station rubbish, Jame Safechuck gave other lies; events that never happened (ex: going with Michael on a honeymoon to Euro Disney in 1988 when the Park was only opened in 1992. Michael inviting James at his house for ThanksGiving in 1987 (November 26), which never happened as Michael was doing his Bad Tour in Australia. Meeting on that exact same date and for the first time Wade Robson and his family in Brisbane.

12. Tony Safechuck, a cousin of James Safechuck, explained on Twitter that he was with James at Neverland and that what the accuser was claiming in the medias was BS.

13. James Safechuck revealed his allegations ONLY after he and his family, co-owners of the Anderson Rubbish Disposal Company, were facing a 840,000$ civil fraud lawsuit from two associates, Lorenn Anderson and Ronda Anderson-Singer. Two sisters who weren’t paid the company profit shares they were due. Facing bankrupt ruin in 2013, it is only then that Safechuck decides to come out with his allegations against Michael.

14. Kevin Lipsey, a sound engineer who worked on Leaving Neverland, exposed Wade Robson as an opportunistic liar. Indeed, he explained how the dancer, off-camera, kept talking about Michael Jackson to the crew; praising the singer as a dear friend and an angel who never harmed any children. But when Dan Reed was filming him, Robson was passing himself up as a victim. Through cryptic terms. And not once was Lipsey, nor were the other employees, informed about how they were working on a documentary piece attacking Michael Jackson’s name. Nor were the child dancers whom Dan Reed filmed in this segment as all of them admired Michael. On social medias and in an interview down below, Lipsey denounced the documentary and its makers as charlatans in entire control of the whole filth.

Link to the video Kevin Lipsey posted on Facebook


15. At the end of Leaving Neverland, Dan Reed shows Wade burning all his Michael Jackson memorabilia. A scene that was revealed to be a lie since Wade had sold all of his items at Julians Auctions due to massive debts. Originally, he wanted to sell the items anonymously, but the Auctions forced him to do it publicly. Furthermore, they confirmed that Michael Jackson never gave James Safechuck his Thriller jacket since Dennis Tomkins and Michael Bush had it instead, nor did he gave him Indiana Jones memorabilia since he gave them to an Archaeological museum in 1990.

16. In his allegations, Wade claims that Michael assaulted him in 1993 when he was alone at Neverland Ranch while his family, Joy and Chantal, visited the Grand Canyon. However, both in her 1993 and 2016 depositions, Joy Robson explained that she never left her son alone at Neverland and that she brought him with her and Chantal at their Grand Canyon trip.

17. Following Wade Robson and James Safechuck’s attacks on Michael’s name, several colleagues of Michael defended him on social media. Including kids who worked with him, were his friends, and spent more time with him than James and Wade.

18. On Twitter, Dan Reed distorted Harrison Funk’s words he told on a Michael Jackson podcast. Claiming that Funk’s photoshoot was done before 1994 and that the station had been built before the work permits were approved in 1993. To which the photographer immediately tweeted back that Dan Reed was lying and unworthy of talking to.

19. Faced with the proof that James Safechuck had lied about the Train Station, Dan Reed has tried to claim that he was assaulted at 16/17 instead. Which doesn’t make sense since he and his accomplices claimed Michael didn’t abuse people when they were that old.

20. In his allegations, James Safechuck claimed Michael Jackson pressured him to testify at the 2005 trial. But that wasn’t true because the court never called for him; finding him irrelevant for the trial.

21. If Michael Jackson had assaulted Wade, why would he ask the young man to be in his defense team? Would any predator put in first defense one of his victims? Use your head, people!!!

22. If Michael Jackson had assaulted Wade and was so traumatized by the Neverland Ranch location, why did he beg Taj to be at the singer’s Funeral? Which he never had the access originally due to his adultery on Brandi Jackson.

23. If Michael Jackson had assaulted Wade and was so traumatised by the Neverland Ranch, why would he ask Michael to get married at the exact location his so-called abuse happened? And all of that during the 2005 trials Michael was going through?!

As for James Safechuck, he claims that after 1992, Michael Jackson cut off all dialogues with him. However, as photos and the singer’s colleagues explained, Michael still kept in contact with him, asking him to be his personal assistant during the History Tour. Alongside his mother who got angry when someone accused Michael of being a pervert.

24. Another element that has disturbed Michael Jackson fans and many Leaving Neverland viewers is the sick obsession/perversion of Dan Reed in portraying child sexual abuse not as an assault, but as a romance instead. Is the director talking about Michael Jackson or about himself?

25. In the documentary and their lawsuits, Robson and Safechuck claimed that Michael always tried to separate the kids on his movie shoots. Never made them interact together. Which is not true because of all the promo shoots they did together and also because they interacted together as well Behind The Scenes.

26. Robson and Safechuck claimed that Michael abandoned Wade because he was too old and replaced him with the much younger Macaulay Culkin and Brett Barnes. An allegation that is BS since Wade is much younger than Macaulay and Brett. Were Wade and Safechuck jealous of the growing friendship between Michael, Brett Barnes, and Macaulay Culkin?

27. The conflicting and various versions of Wade Robson’s testimonials. All of them proving his word is unreliable. Especially when his mother contested his recount of events.

28. In Leaving Neverland, Ms. Safechuck claimed to have jumped out of bed and danced in 2009 after hearing that the man who had assaulted her son had died. However, in her court depositions, she explained that James only told her about his abuses in 2013 instead.

29. In the documentary, Reed edited a Happy Birthday message to Wade Robson to make it pass as a grooming letter sent exclusively to Wade. In reality, Michael always gave such Happy Birthday Messages to many fans. Meaning that Dan Reed manipulated the video birthday card to give viewers an erroneous account of the item.

30. During Leaving Neverland‘s airing, many Twitter accounts claiming that Michael Jackson was guilty were revealed to be Bot accounts who harrassed fans. Among those accounts, some were owned by Dan Reed himself.

31. In some tweets, Dan Reed expressed horrible remarks regarding Michael Jackson’s vitiligo. A complete lack of respect toward a human being’s illness. Further revelation of his rotten soul.

32. In the documentary, Wade claims Michael invited him for a dinner back in 2005 to pressure him into testifying for his criminal trial. However, the truth was that the dinner occurred instead AFTER Wade testified in court. In a dinner where Brett Barnes, his family, and Taj Jackson were eating alongside Wade. Regarding Brett, he confronted one of Dan Reed’s friends, the “Paedophile Hunter” Stinson Hunter, over what happened that night.

33. During his civil lawsuit, Wade Robson was exposed for his attempt to publish a book about his allegations to publishers who all refused to publish it.

34. When Michael Jackson passed away, he wrote an eulogy called My Mentor where he described the singer as his best friend

35. On RottenTomatoes and IMDB, many glowing and biased reviews appeared praising the Leaving Neverland movie while people in the public saw the film as boring and unconvincing. Many of these good reviews were written before the film was shown at Sundance. Were the reviewers paid by someone to give thumbs up for this rag piece? How did they get to see the film?

36. The unbelievable narcissism of James Safechuck who claimed that Neverland and its ranch were built exclusively for him. Is that his way of saying he felt an ownership on Michael and his life? Is that why he attacked Brett Barnes and Macaulay Culkin? To express his jealousy of those two’s genuine friendship with the singer?

37. The Persistance of the People behind Leaving Neverkand to make money. From the documentary they have tried to sell on Amazon, which they had to pull off quickly, to the soundtrack which people can listen online. Which I find horrible and sick.

38. The shady manipulation of Dan Reed when he distorted a Press Conference from the lawyer Mark Geragos over people who wiretapped Michael Jackson; to claim that it was about the singer’s sexual assault allegations.

39. The constant investigation of the FBI who, for over 13 years, kept investigating Michael Jackson. Following his every moves and phone conversations. Alongside the LAPD and NYPD. Doing two massive raids at Neverland Ranch. Had they found any proof that Michael Jackson was a pedophile, they would have arrested him instantly. Just like the Tokyo Metropolitan Police did when they arrested the mangaka Nobuhiro Watsuki (Rurouni Kenshin, Buso Renkin, Embalming, Gun Blaze West) for possession of Child Pornography in his office; which the mangaka admitted in his deposition.

Articles on Anime News Network talking about Nobuhiro Watsuki’s arrest



40. How all the accusers went first to money and civil lawsuits rather than the Police.

To read the conclusion of this Editorial, you can click on this link.

6 thoughts on “Michael Jackson and I – My tribute to a singer the Press and Medias have demonised for too long – Part 3

  1. Les personnes qui croient encore que Michael Jackson est coupable, après toutes ces vérités, c’est qu’elles ont une haine et une très grande jalousie maladive envers lui !

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  2. Je suis tout à fait d’accord ! Il y a des personnes qui n’ont jamais aimé Michael Jackson, et qui refusent la vérité, Ils auraient préférés qu’il soit coupable, que toutes ces personnes aillent au Diable MJ est innocent à 1000 %, et il est aimé par des milliers de fans dans le monde entier ! C’est ça important…


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